Coloc à terre (Doomed mate) is now subtitled in english!

Hello everyone ! I’m proud to announce that my last movie, which is called in french « Coloc à terre » (that means « Room mate down »), is now subtitled in english thanks to my friend Halima Lamliji!

I chose to call my movie « Doomed mate ». « Doomed mate » seemed cool too me for three reasons : the meaning of the word « doomed » (because I think that Domi, the main character, is absolutely doomed in his relationship with his room mate Pearl), « doomed » is close to « domi », and it also sounds like « room ».
I tried to correctly translate the french word game… I hope i did it right.

So, now you can see my movie with the english subtitles directly on youtube! To do that, you just have to switch them on, like it is described on the photo below.

I would love to read your opinion about my movie, if you like it, please share it and like it! I would be very grateful!

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